About Us

Being former international students ourselves, we are familiar with the problems students face before and after reaching their study abroad destination.

At EduExpand, we aim to help students achieve their career goals by assisting them choose correct programs and schools abroad.

Our mission is to make the whole application process easy for you, so that you can focus on packing your bags and flying away!

Continuously expanding our network, we currently assist applications to the following countries:


🌍 Explore Limitless Opportunities in Canada! 🇨🇦

Embark on a journey of education, cultural enrichment, and personal growth by choosing Canada as your ultimate study abroad destination. 📚✨


🌞 Begin your exciting academic journey in Finland and let its beauty, culture, and education inspire your growth and success! 🇫🇮🌟

United Kingdom

Unleash Your Academic Potential with a Thrilling Adventure in the UK! 📚✈️

Benefit from the thriving job market and internship opportunities. Whether you're looking to launch your career here or back in your home country, the experiences you gain will be invaluable.